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LUXORliving smart home control is based on a bus communication and includes control of lighting, actuators and indoor climate. LUXORliving is taken into operation by using the free LUXORplug programming tool.

All components of LUXORliving communicate via a bus connection according to the KNX standard (KNX S-mode).  The connection to the home network is via the LUXORliving IP1 system control centre. This allows operation via the LUXORplay app.  The system can be equipped with a maximum of 64 LUXORliving devices, which includes system devices, sensors and actuators. System devices - LUXORliving IP1 (system control centre), - LUXORliving P640 (power supply)1 Sensors - Room sensors - Binary inputs - Button interfaces Actuators - Switch actuators - Dimming actuators - Blind actuators - Heating actuators